Council Details

East Lancashire District Grand Council

District Grand Prefect:
RWBro Mervyn F Wilson

Deputy District Grand Prefect:
WBro John Barlow

District Grand Secretary:
WBro T Jewitt PGStdBr
3 Bowness Avenue, Rochdale OL12 7DN
01706 352 555
07821 397885


Matier T.I. (B)
Meets at Audenshaw on 3rd Saturday in January (Installation) & March and 2nd Saturday in October at 10.00 along-side a RAM

Goulburn No 36
Meets at Bolton 3rd Saturday in March (Installation), October and December at 2.30pm with RAM after

Perseverance No 42
Meets at Clayton Le Moors on 2nd Wednesday March (Installation), May, September & November at 6.30pm with RAM after.

Shuttleworth No 50
Meets at Burnley on 1st Monday in March, October,& December (Installation) at 6.30pm with RAM after.

Rochdale St Lawrence No 122
Meets at Rochdale on First 5th Tuesday of January, February, March or April. The 2nd Thursday June (Installation) and 3rd Tuesday in September at 6.30pm

J.Edward Glover No 137
Meets at a venue selected by Worshipful Master on 1st Monday in June (Installation), 3rd Monday in October at 6.30 pm.

Lancastria No 154
Meets at Manchester 3rd Friday in February (Installation), October at 11.0 0 am.

Michael Edward Herbert No 160 (Grand Officers Council)
Meets at a time and venue selected by Worshipful Master on First 5th Friday in March, April or May and First 5th Friday in (Installation), September, October or November.

Constitution No 183
Meets at Accrington 3rd Tuesday in May (Installation) August, October at 7pm

David Lamb No 197
meets at Rawtenstall on 3rd Wednesday April, August, November (Installation) at 6.45 pm.

Herbert Barrington Slater No 234
Meets at Salford 4th Saturday April, 2nd Saturday July & December (Installation) at 10.30 am.


For details of the individual Council secretary please contact the District Grand Secretary