The East Lancashire District

History of the District of East Lancashire

The District of Lancashire and Cheshire was constituted in 1978 with W.Bro BN Briggs as the first District Grand Prefect until his death in 1981 when he was succeeded by W.Bro RK Matterson who was invested in 1982. In 1986 this district was split into the District of Lancashire and the District of Cheshire and North Wales. W.Bro RK Matterson remained in charge of the Lancashire District until he was succeeded, in 1995 by W.Bro DM Heald who unfortunately died that same year.

Later in 1995 W.Bro PCI Edmonds was invested as District Grand Prefect of the Lancashire District and continued in office until 1997.W.Bro David Lamb, a popular mason in the town of Shaw, near Oldham, took the appointment as District Grand Prefect in 1997 and remained in office until 2001 when he sadly passed away.

At this time the decision was taken to split this district, at this time the largest in the UK, into the District of East Lancashire and the District of West Lancashire.

The District of East Lancashire was constituted in 2001 with R.W.Bro Herbert Barrington Slater as District Grand Prefect. Barry continued proudly in office until his sudden demise on the 12th February 2008. Following this sad event the Deputy District Grand Prefect, Very Worshipful Brother Donald Priestley Past Grand Registrar, automatically became Deputy District Grand Prefect In Charge.

Later in 2008 RWBro Alexander Sillars McLaren was installed as the District Grand Prefect for East Lancashire by the Grand Master Most Worshipful Bro Michael Edward Herbert and lead the District by moving to larger premises at Rochdale, so more members could be accommodated.

In 2016 WBro Mervyn F Wilson was invested as District Grand Prefect of East Lancashire by the Most Worshipful Thomas Firth Jackson, Grand Master assisted by a team of Grand Officers. Worshipful Brother John Barlow, was appointed as Deputy District Grand Prefect.